Di, 11.07. 18-21 Uhr (3 STD) · 50 Euro · Location: Trafostation, Schlaunstr. 15

Meeting your Characters

Rachel Bouton & Patrick Darwin Williams, New York City

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In this 3-hour intermediate improv workshop, we’ll explore physical and emotional techniques that improvisers can employ to discover new characters and bring depth to the characters they play on stage. Using exercises designed to encourage players to explore, take risks, and discover their characters’ perspectives on stage, improvisers will walk away with tools and techniques to help them create fully formed characters in the moment.

Rachel Bouton is an improviser, host, and experience designer based in New York City. After
completing the advanced study improv and sketch programs at the Upright Citizens Brigade in 2012, she spent several years as a cast member of the touring musical comedy show Broadway’s Next Hit Musical, performing improvised musicals. She loves to share the joy of musical improv through coaching and teaching, bringing a focus on musicality, character, and storytelling to her work as a teacher. She currently leads the musical improv curriculum at The Pit in NYC.

Patrick Darwin Williams is an actor, improviser, teacher, and comedian based out of Queens, NY. Patrick holds a BA in Acting from the University of South Carolina with a cognate in Dance, as well as an MFA in acting from The New School for Drama.Patrick has taught and performed comedy across the US, Canada, and Europe and is presently a performer and instructor at the People's Improv Theater in Manhattan.

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